Eternal Tiamat

alien eye

(rough synopsis originally created March 2015)

Chapter 1

Steven Jorge is a mechanical engineer working for a defense contractor. He is a team member working on a classified project designed to solve a problem that has at times been nearly devastating to various parts of the globe. He and his colleagues have a ringside seat to an epic battle involving two immortals from another world. The battle has now taken on something resembling the battle between Superman and Zod, sometimes taking place in the middle of a major metropolitan. On this day, he is near one of the battle sites watching through a window. The beings are difficult to see, but the flashes of light and the blasts can be seen within and against the clouds. While this has become a new form of live entertainment for some, he realizes the immense power wielded by these creatures. They are capable of wiping out not just cities but even entire regions of the US.

Chapter 2

He sits down and converses with a very close friend of his. He tells him that he was approached by someone from The Department of Energy. The man brought up an idea he had a few years ago about how one could possibly imprison one of these creatures and siphon the energy they generate to power for the entire country. He didn’t think anyone had taken that seriously. As they talk, they notice a newscast/reality show giving an update on the latest major bridge damaged during the battle. After they leave, he walks back to his hotel room. As he enters the lobby, he passes a man carrying his daughter with a brace on her leg. The child looks at him as the tears stream from her eyes. The event triggers a childhood memory. It is a fond memory that he only thinks about on occasion.

Chapter 3

When Steven was about 7 years old, he started spending the summer with his aunt and uncle in the country. He played with his older cousin, whose nickname was Peppi. They sometimes played outside till sunset. His uncle would tell them not to be out too late because of coyotes and bobcats. There was also another reason why we hung out so late. In July of that first summer, they met Tamia. They called her Mia most of the time, although she preferred her full name. She was taller than Steven and had an innocence about her. He and his cousin would silently compete for her attention, although they never made any “will you be my girlfriend” moves. They were all partners in crime for the months that followed. They were afraid for Mia at times because she had a brace on her leg when they first met her. It was removed after a few weeks, but she still had a noticeable limp. She easily held her own and would test them.

At the end of that summer, they said their goodbyes and even cried a little. Peppi pretended the other two were being babies as he turned his head to wipe away a tear. The school year went by quickly, and then they were back together again. They were older and so much wiser. They played and hung out together. Peppi wasn’t around as much because he had some older friends who were fixing and racing go-carts. This summer was when he actually found out so much more about Mia.

She was actually orphaned a year before they met. It was a car accident that took both of her parents. She was in a coma for several months and wasn’t expected to make it, but a miracle happened. She had to go live with her aunt, away from all of her friends. During the summer, she would stay with her paternal grandmother. Her grandmother once remarked that she seems to have changed after the accident.

There is one memory that he can’t recall if it was a dream or not, hallucinated while they were playing. One evening, they had been playing. His uncle had built a fire for them in the field behind the house. They had been telling stories as best they could. Mia had braces on her teeth and was trying not to smile much. She didn’t like when they were looking at them. Peppi and Steven kept messing with her and making jokes, so she kept her mouth shut. Mia told them that the doctors installed a special booby trap on them so that if they looked at it too long, the creature would appear and pull them beneath the ground.

Peppi took it as a challenge and started tickling her. Teeth, braces, and everything were showing. Steven wondered if he was looking for too long before realizing how silly that was. She broke free of Peppi, who tripped over the log he was on. Mia ran to the other side of the fire. Steven looked at Peppi and back at Mia, who had the biggest smile. The light from the fire danced on her face, and the fire cast a shadow on the ground behind her. But the shadow was distorted and appeared to be standing behind her with large wings and tendrils coming from it. Steven let out a bloodcurdling scream and covered his eyes. Peppi caught his breath and started laughing. Mia ran toward him, leaped over the fire, and put her arms around Steven. He tried to get away from her, but she held tight. He never told them what he thought he saw.

At the end of the summer, they parted ways. Steven didn’t come back in the summer because he started helping his dad with different projects and doing yard work for the neighbors. He found out from Peppi that Mia fell back into a coma a few months after that last summer. She had to be placed on life support but was eventually taken off. Sometimes strange events in the present remind him of those two summers.

Chapter 4

Two years have passed, and the construction of the device is well underway. The plan is to use a fusion reactor and Hesius’ energy to forcefully create one of their false reference frames. While constructing the device, they hope that Hesius can keep Loki busy, but that isn’t necessary because Loki seems to be doing it on his own. The beings eventually have an incredible battle over the Pacific Ocean. It is at this time that the true level of their power is realized. A massive tidal wave is formed and threatens to destroy numerous coastal cities. The energy of the wave is lessened by the hero and only causes minor damage. Dozens of people die, but the numbers could have been much more significant. After the battle, the hero seems weakened or is at least temporarily unable to continue to fight. Loki hurls him inland and disappears under the ocean. Another tidal wave appears but remains stationary and slowly diminishes back to normal sea level. Steven and his people discuss accelerating the project not just because of the possibility of destruction from the villain but because of an expected energy shortage.

Chapter 5

Steven discovers that the villain is building a device capable of melting both poles and partially vaporizing the oceans. The results could be devastation just from the initial energy. The epic battle between the beings takes place in Antarctica. They fight and crash into ancient glaciers. They must bring the massive device to that location, which is filled with challenges and a bit of peril. With the hero’s help, they create an inertial reference frame of intense acceleration and use it to shackle the being. Once the job is done, he celebrates with his team along with the rest of the world. Some even talk of making the defeat of the monster a national holiday. Steven talks to his family about the other being and is a little apprehensive about his existence and immense power. Despite this, he seems to be committed to fighting crime and preventing wars whenever possible.

Chapter 6

Ten years have passed, and we enter a world where the evil villain has been removed, but something else more deadly seems to have replaced him. Steven enters that chamber where the creature resides and attempts to discuss his possible release. The being toys with Steven for a moment and then appears to vanish without a trace. Steven knows that the being has escaped with ease and begins to realize that he may not have captured the creature in the first place.

When the DoD officials notice that Steven has entered the chamber unauthorized, they send in troops to apprehend him and take him for a ride. We are given the impression that Steven may no longer be himself and is about to murder the soldiers.

(This story is part of an interactive experience. Decide if you would like to follow the creature’s path or if you would like to stay with Steven.)

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