Eternal Tiamat – Plot Summary (not quite a short story)

spiral illusion

Steven Jorge is sitting ringside during an epic battle between two powerful beings from another world.  The beings look more human than one might expect and the evil plots of the villain as well as the battles appear to be lifted directly from a comic book.   Steven is part of a development team working for a defense contractor tasked with designing a weapon to destroy the beings.  He is eventually approached by the State Department to join a think tank that has other plans based on a paper he published a year prior.  They would like to see if it is possible to imprison one or both of the beings and tap into their energy fields to generate power for the US.  They are in possession of several reports indicating that the world’s oil and natural gas reserves are alarmingly low.  World leaders do not plan to reveal this to the public any time soon although fluctuations in the market have already set off alarms.  Steven doesn’t reveal that the power wielded by these beings is enough to power several planets, not just the US.

Steven and his team eventually design a prison and fusion reactor combo to imprison the villain.  With the help of the hero, they manage to capture the villain and generate more power than they ever imagined.  Over the course of a decade, the US redefines the term superpower and becomes a hyperpower.  The hero manages to reveal his true capabilities by creating a global sentient network that virtually eradicates crime worldwide.  War is almost unheard of during this period.  People believe that this is what they always wanted, but eventually, the sentient starts to punish very minor crimes and criminalize mundane actions.  People are imprisoned or killed for littering or talking too loud in theaters.  Morality has now become deadly and turns against humanity.  Steven’s team realizes that they may have upset a balance. It is like removing the predators from an ecosystem, resulting in an overpopulation of harmless rabbits who spread diseases and destroy crops.  The Department of Defense can no longer communicate with the hero and he seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  People are being imprisoned and killed at alarming rates.  They decide to release the evil villain with hopes that the balance might be restored.  There is also the possibility that the final battle between these two could be the ultimate scourge.


**Special note about the interactive features**

The plan is for this story to be eventually retold as an interactive film.  The plot in the previous paragraphs is actually more of a minor plot.  The real plot is the story dealing with the background of the beings and why they are on earth.  These mysteries can only be revealed by making decisions that change the perspectives from which the story is being told.  The main character might be witnessing a certain event that tells one story.  If the perspective changes to a character who is directly involved with the event, a completely different story might be told.  It should be understood that changing perspective does not alter the plot sequences in any way.  The reader/viewer just sees certain aspects of the plot that might otherwise remain hidden.

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